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Our Philosophy

Remote Work Manifiesto

Ten years ago, I started working with Javier and we fully embraced remote work as our modus operandi. We were living in different cities and managed all our communications virtually. It was such a great experience and there was such a strong connection between us that we decided to co-found Theam. The day we met to found the new company was only our second meeting in person, after two years working together mostly by email.

Today we are a remote-first team of 42 developers and designers. Theam has embraced the values and skills that Javier and I developed naturally when remote work wasn’t yet popular or common.

Trust, ownership, transparency, candor, and excellence allow us to exceed our customers’ expectations and, together with our remote-first culture, grant us a strong competitive advantage.

This is why we advocate for remote work and why we decided to be an active part of this remote afterwork initiative. It’s a way to spread the word about the benefits and also the challenges that make remote work so valuable to us and for many companies, remote workers, and freelancers.

Jaime Lopez Feo
CEO People That Care

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