Worldwide afterwork meetups with business leaders to discuss the future of location-flexible work.

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San Francisco

Date : August 15, 5pm-9pm

We are hosting the first private think-tank of just remote work thought leaders. Upwork, Zapier, Microsoft, Zoom, Mural, Google, Shopify, Dribbble and more outstanding company leaders all in the same room just chatting it up about the future of work in a laid back, participative and exclusive atmosphere.
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Drinks & bites on patio


The Gig Economy: Past, Present and Future


Busting Isolation with Culture & Community


Tools & Tech: What´s next


The Democratization of Work + Growth of Remote


Closing + Networking

After the discussion panels we will host an afterwork networking session with some drinks and food sponsored by Nomad City Conference.

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Location & Date

2181 Greenwich Street
CA 94123
August 15, 5pm-9pm

Past events

Remote AfterWork Volume II

Remote after work London was a great gathering of remote work advocates. Our host in London was Ross Chapman, Head of Echt Sprints , who prepared their amazing venue at Etch Building in Farringdon. After an introduction by the co-host Nacho Rodríguez inviting all the attendees to join the upcoming Nomad City Gran Canaria in November, four outstanding speakers followed. Laïla von Alvensleben, Tim Herbig, Pilar Orti and Mike Adams shared with the audience great insights about remote leadership, effective remote collaboration, visible teamwork and effective online communication tools. The event ended up with a great networking session with beer and pizza. Thanks to all participants and organizing team and looking forward to our upcoming San Francisco event.

Remote AfterWork Volume I

Remote After Work New York was the first event with this naming after our first prove of concept in Munich in May hosted by Marcus Wermuth. Our host in New York was Laurel Farrer who lights up the stage when she is leading an event about her favorite topic, Remote Work. The nice venue provided by Nomad Works allowed an audience of around 40 remote work advocates to be very participative and engaged during the whole afternoon. This concept is in the pilot stage, and the members of the advisory board are experimenting with different agendas, locations and sizes to find the sweet spot for creating the most engaging reputable event. NYC was a total success and we want to build up on this experience. Thanks to Bret , Laila, Jaime and Jonathan for sharing great value & knowledge with the audience and to all participants for attending, even to the group of Meetup employees that came to visit.

Bret Farrer (Broyer Development)

Laurel Farrer
(Remote Work Association)

Laila von Alvensleben
(People Operations)

Jonathan Carpenter

Nacho Rodriguez
(Nomad City)

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